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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs are well-equipped with all required instruments and machines of recent trend in industries. Department of Electrical Engineering at Oriental University, Indore has evolved with time and offers Diploma in Electrical Engineering, B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics and M.Tech in Electrical Power System. The UG curriculum provides strong base to the students in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and provides exposure to the latest technologies. Post Graduate programme leads the students to work on interesting research problems in the following areas of specialization: Control & Automation, Power Engineering, Renewable Energy, Power System Protection and Power Electronics.The research activity of the department includes fundamental research, and projects, and is carried out with active participation of the students, faculty, staff and research engineers.



A typical Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory helps in understanding the electrical engineering behavior of Basic Circuits, Machines and electronics elements and components such as resistor, inductor capacitor, Half Adder, Full adder and Motors etc. The Basic Electrical laboratory of department is well-equipped with all required Kits, measurement instruments and machines of elctrical industry.



Departments of Electrical & Electronics Engineering object about this lab is More students learn more in less time with less effort from the teaching assistants. This is the outcome of an educational improvement of a laboratory in Network Analysis. Electrical and Electronics department uses the laboratory for courses of B.Tech and Diploma. In this Laboratory Students learn practical things related to KVL and KCL, Network Theorems, Time Domain Analysis of R-L,R-C and R-L-C Circuits and Behaviour of Two-Port Network. The laboratory of Network Analysis is well-equipped with all electrical circuits of recent trend in industries.



The laboratory of measurement and instrumentation is well-equipped with all required instruments. Student enables to perform measurement of power by two watt meter method, measurement of electrical energy, measurement of voltage and current using PT and CT, Voltage and frequency measurement using C.R.O., Calibration of voltmeter using potentiometer, Study about phase sequence indicator & power factor meter etc.


The laboratory is equipped with latest computer facilities which include enough computer terminals with latest processor as the main computing devices. The software available in the laboratory are: AUTOCAD, PSIM, MATLAB and Proteus etc. This lab provides simulation exposoure to students.



The laboratory of POWER SYSTEM is well-equipped with all the required instruments. Student can perform test like analysis of transmission line using nominal Π method and nominal T method, Ferranti effect, transformer oil testing at high voltage(11 kV) etc. in this lab.



The purpose of Switchgear & Protection Lab is to generate and supply electrical energy to consumers by Power System Devices. The power system should be designed and managed to deliver this energy to the utilization points with both reliability and economically. In this laboratory students understand about Relay, Back-up protection, Many types of Faults and Substation Protection device study with practical exposoure to students of Electrical & Electronics. The protection against the different types of the faults and abnormal conditions can be visualized and test in this laboratory. The laboratories of electrical department are well-equipped with all required instruments and machines of recent trend in industries

Characteristic of the Fuse Wire, Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Inverse Over Current RelayandIDMTRelay.Magnetization characteristic of the CT, Measurement of the Ratio Error and Phase Error andproblemsassociatedwiththeCT. Protection against the Over Voltage / Under Voltage Using Static Relay (Microprocessor). Parallel Feeder protection in which the students can able to understand, how the system can supply the load in the case of the earth fault on the one feeder.Protection against the different types of the faults and abnormal conditions (like Single Phasing, Earth Faults, Short Circuit Faults, Unbalanced load etc.) in the 3 – phase Induction Motor.FrameLeakage Protection in the Transformer. Protection against the Rotor Earth Fault and Loss of Excitation in Alternator.Modern charts showing the construction and Working of the different types of the Circuit Breaker Modern.



The laboratories of electrical department are well-equipped with all required instruments and machines of recent trend in industriesControl System Laboratory is used by Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical department. In this laboratory students learn about Speed Control system, temperature Control system, Position Control system and experimental things different controllers like P, PI,PID as well as Modelling of Mechanical & Electrical System. In this laboratory department used some software tool for performing experiments of control system to students.



In this lab students learn study of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer through chart and practically as industry low rating transformers are available in laboratory also three phase machines are available like Induction Motor, Alternator and Synchronous Motor.Students are working in High voltage level so safty is kept by two technician and one faculty from department. This lab is also used for research experiments and testing of electrical equipment.