OIST – ECE – Labs and Infrastructure

Electronics and Communication Engineering Labs


Electronics lab is well equipped with latest measuring instruments and training kits like signal generators, oscilloscopes, digital trainer kits etc. Students from various disciplines, design and test their analog/digital/mixed signalsand or circuits as a part of their academic curriculum. Proper guidance is provided to the students by a team of expert faculties and lab technicians.


  • CRO
  • 1 MHz Function generator
  • Multiple DC power supplies
  • Digital IC trainer kits
  • Bread boards
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Wide Range of Digital/Analog Multi meter
  • Various Types of Active and Passive Devices
  • Tina v7 PCB design software with Key
  • Dc regulated Power Supply



Digital Electronics Lab is fully equipped with the essential instruments such as C.R.O., multimeters, function generator etc. Here we provide the students to conduct various experiments with the digital ICs through bread board and digital trainer kits.


  • Digital Lab Kit
  • Logic gates
  • Multiplexer/De Multiplexer
  • Binary adder/Subtractor
  • Project board
  • Interfacing of CMOS, TTL
  • Power supply



Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab supports the students to enrich their knowledge about various processors & microcontrollers along with their interfacing with other peripheral devices. Students from various disciplines of engineering and sciences visit this lab to develop their skills in the field of microprocessors/microcontrollers and their applications.The features and facilities provided by the lab give hands-on-experiences to the students that help them in their real-time projects. This, in turn, enhances their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies.


  • Micro controller Trainer 8051 scientech M51-02
  • 16×2 LCD Display Card
  • 8 bit ADC-0809/DAC-0800 Card
  • 5×4 matrix Keyboard
  • Micro processor trainer 8086
  • Study card 8255/8253/8251/8259
  • DCmotor controller card with motor
  • Keyboard
  • Microcontroller burner 5001
  • 12 Bit ADC 574 Card



Communication engineering laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital communication systems. The lab consists of circuits related to Analog communication such as amplitude modulator, frequency modulator, phase modulator etc. A mini AM transmitter is constructed by students in MW frequency range and the transmitter generates output with low power. Learning the concepts, with small applications give students plenty of joy and real motivation towards their studies.


  • Function Generators 5MHz/10MHz Frequency Scientech
  • Cathode ray Oscilloscopes 30MHz Scientech
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope Aplab with 100MHz sampling rate
  • Project Board GL-12 C & D
  • Various Analog /Digital Study and Trainer Kits
  • Digital multi-meter



In Antenna and wave propagation lab, the students learn about various RF signal antennas, their radiation patterns and their analyses. TV and RADAR lab allows the students to study different components & signals involved in Black & White TV.


  • Antenna Trainer ST-2261
  • Antenna trainer Variable (500-800MHz)
  • Antenna trainer with motorized Rotating Unit & platting Software
  • Digital multi meter
  • CRO 30 MHz



In Microwave Lab, the students are exposed to the different microwave active devices like klystron, Gunn diode and passive devices like isolator, circulator, slide screw tunner, magic tee, directional coupler, horn antenna, attenuator, terminations and so on.The students perform all the experiments as prescribed by the academics curriculum under the supervision of the expert faculties & lab technicians.


  • Compact MW Training Kit Gunn Based
  • Gunn Power Oscillate
  • Gunn Power supply
  • Isolator
  • Frequency meter
  • Variable Attenuator
  • Klystron Mount With Tube
  • Gunn Bench
  • Various Passive Components


Optical communication laboratory is setup to complement the theory covered in the optical communication courses. The lab is well equipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules thatenable the study of main components of an optical communication system. The students perform experiments to study the characteristics of optical sources (LED & LD), optical detectors (LD & APD) and optical fibers. Fault detection in a fiber link is studied using the OTDR module. A FSO module allows study of transmission of optical signal in free space. The lab is also equipped with connecterization and splicing kits.


  • Fiber Optical Fiber Trainer Kits with connector ,CD roller with stand, mice with cable
  • Fiber Optical Fiber Trainer,1 mice with cable with stand
  • Fiber optic Connectorization Kit
  • CRO 30 MHz
  • Digital Multi meter


The Electronic Design and Automation Lab works under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The lab is well established with 35 hi-tech computers and a server-class machine. It has a complete set of licensed software tools for electronic designing and simulation like Matlab V.10, WinXP, XilinxV7.1i, Universal platform board ST-110, Tina Pro V3.1 and so on to cater to the departmental research and development activities. EDA Lab consists of software for a wide area of research in Signal Processing, VLSI circuit design and Embedded Systems specialization. Many projects done by students as well as faculties have designed, tested and prototype developed in the Electronic Design and Automation Laboratory.

DSP LabEquipment

  • DSP Development Board Scientech ST-6000

VLSI Hardware Tools

  • FPGA Base station
  • Xilinx 7.1i
  • VLSI Universal platform board ST-110


In today’s electronic era, one cannot imagine an electronic circuit/instrument without PCB designs, integrationsand/or testing. The Electronic Workshop lab has been included in academics curriculum of Electronics & Communication Engineering to benefit the studentswith industry oriented training on PCB design, fabrication, assembling &testing.The salient features of the lab offer insights to the students about the recent trends inPCB technologies. The facilities provided by the lab enable the students to transform their innovative ideas intoreal-life electronic projects. The lab is kept open during college hours to facilitate the students to engage themselves in designing/testing of circuits in their leisure hours. Students are guided & encouraged by the expert faculties and lab technicians.


  • 100MHz Digital Color Storage Oscilloscope
  • Auto Computed LCR meter
  • Digital Multi Meter
  • Hot Blower
  • Soldering Iron
  • CRO 30 MHz
  • Function Generator