OCPR – Labs and Infrastructure

Pharmacy Labs Infrastructure

Pharmacy Labs Infrastructure

At Oriental College of Pharmacy and Research a wide range of pharmacy labs infrastructure and academic facilities are provided to the students to assist them at every stage of their course. These include high-tech, well-equipped laboratories in the Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, which serve as a strong framework for our graduates to help them develop capabilities to become world-class pharmacists and scientists. Academically as well as socially productive in-house projects and research work are taken-up in these laboratories.

Laboratories (Labs)

The various laboratories are developed in the Institute include:

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory I & II
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory
  3. Pharmaceutics Laboratory I, II & III
  4. Machine Room
  5. Pharmacology Laboratory
  6. Anatomy, Physiology & Health Education Laboratory
  7. Animal House
  8. Pharmacognosy Laboratory
  9. Medicinal Plant Garden
  10. Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology Laboratory
  11. Central Instrumentation Room
  12. Computer Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory I & II

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In this laboratory the experiments based on qualitative and quantitative determination of impurities present in various inorganic compounds. The experiments aimed separation and identification of inorganic and organic mixture are also carried out in this lab. The pharmaceutical chemistry lab is well ventilated and exhausted and equipped with Magnetic stirrers, Hot plates, Digital melting point determination apparatus, Hot air oven, IR lamps for drying of synthetic products, Distillation assembly and Fuming chamber with which control humidity and heat activation. These well furnished laboratories provide facilities for practical training in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry, synthesis and structural elucidation of medicinally important compounds, practical training is also offered in organic chemistry, biochemistry and inorganic chemistry with well designed experiments. Students familiarized with various organic compounds by their nature, physical and chemical properties and usage in chemical reactions as well as in pharmaceutical industries in this laboratory

Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory

This lab is equipped with glasswares for pharmaceutical analysis like burette, pipette, volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders etc. The lab is associated with a balance room harboring 20 highly sensitive chemical balances for the preparation of volumetric reagents. This laboratory helps students familiarize with the modern methods of analysis and Good Laboratory Practice (GLPs) etc. To elaborate pharmacopoeial methods are used for the analysis and quality control of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Elaboration of pharmacopoeial methods is used for the analysis and quality control of drugs and pharmaceuticals are carried out in this lab. This laboratory helps students familiarize with the modern methods of analysis, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and in-process quality control.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory I, II & III

The laboratories are equipped with new as well as conventional gadgets like USP Dissolution Rate Apparatus, Disintegration Apparatus, Friability Apparatus, Hardness apparatus, Ovens, Shakers, Stirrers, Homogenizers, etc. The working platforms have adequate water, gas and electricity supply. These well furnished laboratories cater to the practical requirements of the subject’s technology of drugs and cosmetics, biopharmaceutics and dosage form design, biological pharmaceuticals, physical pharmaceutics, dispensing pharmacy. These laboratories provide good facilities for dispensing various prescriptions and conduct experiments based on physical pharmacy and dispensing pharmacy. This lab is also utilized to teach about the dispensing of the drugs in a hospital by a pharmacist and about community pharmacy practice. The lab is used for the preparation of aromatic waters, ointments, suppositories, gels, creams, syrups, liniments, lozenges, lotions, tinctures etc. In these laboratories, experiments and research work carried out on formulation of different dosage forms, technology based experiments as well as Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).It deals with the study of oral, parenteral, dermal, transdermal and mucosal dosage forms; it also focuses on the preparation and evaluation of cosmetics. It also covers basic topics like development of new drugs, preformulation, along with principles of formulation design. This laboratory provides good facilities for pharmaceutical engineering based on drying, distillation, evaporation, centrifugation and crystallization of substances.

Machine Room

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The Machine room equipped with most modern equipments and machinery used for pilot project, formulation and development studies in injectables, tablets, capsules, liquid orals and ointment sections. The machine room has a well built area of machines generally encountered in Pharmaceutical industry like pan coater, hand operated single punch machine, dissolution rate test apparatus, disintegration rate test apparatus, ampoule filling and sealing machine, bottle filling machine, mechanical and gyratory sieve shaker, humidity chamber, capsule filling machine, mechanical Stirrer, double cone blender and ointment filling machine. This laboratory provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the current pharmaceutical scenario.id orals and ointment sections.

Pharmacology Laboratory

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Advanced Pharmacology Laboratory helps train the students in practical studies of pharmacology and chemotherapy, bioassays of various drugs, etc. The advanced pharmacology laboratory is specially designed to carry out animal model experiments for analgesic, antihistaminic, antipyretic, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory activity testing of known and new drugs of chemical and herbal origin. The lab is well furnished with instruments like Sherrington rotating drum and drum cylinder, isolated organ bath, isotonic frontal writing lever, Rota rod apparatus etc.

Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education Laboratory

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This well equipped laboratory helps train the students in practical studies of Anatomy, Physiology and Health education. Practicals based on urine analysis, hematology, etc. are carried out using these facilities. The lab is well furnished with the models of various organ systems of human body like skeletal system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, cardio vascular system etc. and has instruments like Haemocytometer, Spirometer, Haemoglobinometer, RBC& WBC pipettes, Neubauer’s counting chamber, Sphygmomanometer etc.

Animal House

The animal house facility is available to boost the teaching, training and research facilities and to meet the growing demand for high quality laboratory animals in emergent field of Experimental Pharmacology. Qualified veterinarians and technical personnel are always at hand to help carry out research and keep it in accordance with the standards established by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). The aftermath of the Physiomesh Brand Hernia mesh Lawsuit made a mark on the scientific community, here, at this facility, we took those events as a warning and secured any risks possible. The laboratory houses rabbits, white albino rats, mice, guinea pigs etc. Each species of animals is housed in barrier maintained individual rooms to avoid disease transmission and inter-species conflicts. A high degree of hygienic conditions (macro and micro-environment) around the animals are maintained as per the CPCSEA guidelines. A well equipped certified animal house is maintained by the department in which herbal formulation, synthesized compounds were evaluated for their antidiabetic, antioxidant, antifungal, antitussive, hepatoprotective etc type of activities.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

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Pharmacognosy lab provides adequate facilities for study of cells and tissues in different parts like root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed of natural plants, identification and standardization of crude drugs. This lab has well equipped facilities for conducting research in the field of standardization of herbal formulations. This laboratory is used for morphological and microscopical studies of plant materials and also to identify the constituents of plant material by performing chemical tests. This lab is well equipped and has facility of all instruments like soxhlet apparatus, Clavenger apparatus, Incenerator, Phase contrast microscope, Simple microscope and Compound microscope with stage micrometer, Camera Lucida, Eye Piece micrometer and Projection microscope.

Medicinal Plant Garden

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A medicinal plants garden has been developed at the campus having more than 150 genera of various medicinal plants. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of Pharmacognosy & Phyto-chemistry. This developed medicinal plants garden provides a strong impetus for herbal drug research and for the training of our under graduate students in the subject of Phyto-pharmaceuticals & Pharmacognosy.

Central Instrument Room

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This Lab is utilized for the instrumental methods of analysis of medicinal compounds and biological samples. The lab is equipped with the latest state-of-art analytical instruments, this laboratory assists the students to acquire hands-on-training on these instruments, undertake practical training in pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry and assist research work. The Central Instrument Facility is a state of art laboratory boasting its highly sophisticated instruments viz. HPLC with Ultra high flow and elution systems, Flame photometer, Fourier Transform -IR Spectrophotometer (IR affinity, Shimadzu), Double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer (UV-1800, Shimadzu), Abbe’s refractometer, Electrophoresis, Ion exchanger, HPLC, Digital colorimeter Nephelo/Turbidimeter, Polarimeter, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, I.R. Moisture Balance, sonicator, digital balance (0.01 mg sensitivity), and Electronic Single Pan Balance.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology Laboratory

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This laboratory is built with an insight into the biotechnology industry with instruments like B.O.D. incubator, aseptic room with laminar air flow cabinet and U.V. cabinet, deep freezer, digital oven, incubators, bacterial colony counter and autoclaves and well designed aseptic area (class 10000, 1000 and 100) as per FDCA norms. It will help students familiarize with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), design, development and maintenance of aseptic areas, procedure for sterility testing, experiments in biotechnology, growth, cultivation, isolation and identification of microorganisms and microbiological assays.

Computer Laboratory

To impart practical training in computer programming, applications of computers in pharmacy, use of electronic media and internet, the computer laboratory is well equipped with latest computers and necessary software for the use of students and staff. The Institute is entirely WiFi enabled and encompasses a spacious computer lab with latest computers having 24 hours high speed internet connectivity.