Honorable Chancellor Oriental University Dr. K. L. Thakral Blessed the Students of Akshat International School, Ujjain on ‘World Science Day’

10th Nov 2016, Akshat International School, Ujjain celebrated ‘World Science Day’. On this occasion, Honorable Chancellor Dr. K. L. Thakral of Oriental University, Indore presided over the ceremony as ‘Chief Guest’, Prof. A. K. Wanvasi and Dean & Director Dr. R. K. Jain was also present as guest of honor.

In the beginning of ceremony, World Science Day the Chairman of Akshat International School Mr. Anand Pandya and Academic Director Mr. Sandip Joshi welcomed all guests with bouquet and the exhibition on this occasion was also inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr. K. L. Thakral. After inspection of entire exhibition, Dr. Thakral admired students of Akshat International School and blessed them. Further he congratulated the school on initiating innovative activities to uplift the standards of primary and middle school section. Chief Guest Dr. Thakral shared his fond memories with all the students, that during his childhood days health, physical activities and outdoor games were also the key things to lead successful life. He also emphasized on good food, habits, disciplined life and good hobbies for overall development of personality.

Dr. K. L. Thakral also congratulated members of managing committee of Akshat International School and specially to Chairman Mr. Anand Pandya for his devotion, & dedication with a poise vision to uplift the society. During his address to the children Dean & Director Dr. R. K. Jain mentioned that students should aim their targets and balance the creativity and dreams. Dr. Jain has emphasized the students of the school to remember ABCD in other prospects like A for Aim, B for Balance, C for Creativity and D for Dreams.

The program was hosted by Ms. Neha Nagar, World Science Day was celebrated to coin new model for health and green environment of our country.

Glimpse of the event

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