One Day Workshop on PLC & Design of HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a One Day Workshop on PLC & Design of HMI on 09/03/2016. Students of B. Tech (Electrical & Electronics) & Diploma (Electrical) attended this workshop. It is related to Mini PLC, Modular PLC, SCADA, VFD and HMI.

The main objective of this workshop is to make the aspiring engineers acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the Veriable frequency Drives & latest technologies being used to achieve automation in electrical industries. Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Autosys Indore showed working operation about Robotics and automation of Eicher & Mahindra.


An HMI is typically local to one machine or piece of equipment, and is the interface method between the human and the equipment/machine. An operator interface is the interface method by which multiple equipment that are linked by a host control system is accessed or controlled.


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